A Prayer for Love and Justice

 Rev. Diane Rollert, 12 February 2017

Red sky this morning
Whispering over blue ice and snow,
Black trees in silhouette
branches moving slowly
in quiet anticipation of the storm to come.

The earth holds us in its calm embrace,
waiting, waiting for us
to wake up and acknowledge
the circle that surrounds and connects us.
Billions of points of light
that depend on all the others
to burn bright.

Oh, Eternal Love,
if we can’t have faith in you
then we must turn to each other
to find it in our hearts
to break open all that has been
locked shut,
and left unspoken.

Let our hearts bleed for injustice,
for missing and murdered Indigenous women
for the families silently trudging across snow,
seeking asylum,
for the racially profiled
and the cold and misguided heart of the profiler.

May we stand with the oaks of righteousness,
to be people
who open our hearts and doors
to the lost and the wounded
to the forgotten and the stranger.
May we never cave in to fear or to hatred,
but find courage through the generosity that is love.
For without love, justice is empty.