Meditation for Easter and April

Rev. Diane Rollert (beginning with words by Debussy)

Lorsque au soleil couchant les rivières sont roses,
Et qu'un tiède frisson court sur les champs de blé,
Un conseil d'être heureux semble sortir des choses
Et monter vers le coeur troublé.
Un conseil de goûter le charme d'être au monde
Cependant qu'on est jeune et que le soir est beau
Car nous nous en allons,
Comme s'en va cette onde:
Elle à la mer,
Nous au tombeau.

            —Claude Debussy

Dear Source of Love,
It is not night for us yet, 
but on this Easter morning,
may the stones that weigh upon our hearts,
the barriers that close us into ourselves,
be lifted.
May the compassion of spring break through the clouds.
May we give thanks for this changing season,
for what will bloom next,
despite the fears and worries we carry
from the burdens of a wounded world.
Whether in joy or in sorrow,
this day is marked by its difference from last year.
Each of us stands with a new perspective
on all that has happened
since spring became summer
became fall became winter.
Into the silence may we breathe all that goes unspoken,
the losses and the gains
of yet another spring,
of yet another Easter.