Meditation for a Playful Mother’s Day

Rev. Diane Rollert, 14 May 2017

Whatever your burdens may be,
whatever weight you may carry
upon your shoulders,
whatever worries may fill your mind
and tighten your heart,
may this time of quiet
bring you peace.

And if you have come
brimming with joy,
if you have come
with thanks singing in your heart,
may your joy
spill over
as a gift to those around you.

Whatever your stories may be
of mothers on this Mother’s Day,
of love or loss,
of desires for broader definitions,
of frustrations or gratitude,
appreciation or regret,
may a playful spirit
infuse all those feelings
with release
to offer a celebration
of who you are now
and who you may become.

May you be blessed with laughter
and a lightness of being,
with empathy and compassion.
May you be blessed with
the flashing smile
of the universe
as it plays with all that is.