A Prayer for Our Ancestors

Rev. Diane Rollert, October 14, 2018

Spirit of Life,
Source of Love,
may we give thanks for the blessings of our ancestors—
inherited and chosen.

May we offer up our mistakes,
and our misgivings,
as we take responsibility for the burdens
they have left us.

May we hold onto the light
they have granted us,
while we move with the clarity
that they did not have.

May we work in solidarity
with those whom their actions
may have harmed.

May we learn from our own accomplishments
and mistakes
as much as we learn from theirs.

May we join with those
who love all the earth’s relations
and generations.

May we open the space
for each spirit
to find its own way home.

May we work toward
meaningful connection.

May we never give up trying.