Blessed Be the Meeting

Rev. Diane Rollert, December 16, 2018

spirit of life
ground of our being
are there prayers enough to save this world?

Where do we find sanctuary
on these darkest days
when sunlight touches us briefly
and then disappears?

 Rain follows snow
and ice threatens our passage.
Yet here we are safe,
we are warm,
there is enough to share,
to give,
to remember,
the meaning of openness and generosity. 

I give thanks for the love that exists
in this very place,
for the many kind souls
who find ways to reach out to each other,
who find their way here each week
to build community,
to welcome the stranger,
to prepare a feast
for all of us who need this shelter
more than we realize. 

I give thanks for the hope
that lives between these walls,
that finds forgiveness when
we are less than perfect,
that offers solace
when the pain of loss seems unbearable,
that lets humour and music
spill out into our hearts,.

The days may be short,
yet here we are,
bringing a bit more light into each other’s lives,
one candle at a time. 

Maybe these simple acts
are prayer enough—
the flame that is lit,
the silence that is held,
the songs that are sung,
the stories that are shared,
the sanctuary that is given
to strangers who become dear friends,
the hope in the eyes of the children,
the future that still waits,
reminding us that goodness,
kindness and honesty
still matter.

Holiday lights shine in the night,
the solstice waits for us,
and we, the guests and hosts,
meet at the door’s threshold,
finding oasis
in the welcome. 

Blessed be the meeting.
Holy be the sanctuary.