A Blessing for Mothers and Others

Rev. Diane Rollert, May 13, 2018

Blessed be the mothers who brought us into this world
Whose wombs carried us,
From whom we heard the first sounds of life.

Blessed be the ones in our lives who have shown us love,
Whether we have called them mothers, fathers or parents, 
Whether we have known them by blood or by adoption.

Blessed be our presence on this earth
No matter what our joys or regrets may be
No matter how we count our blessings.

Blessed be the gifts and the imperfections
Of finding our place in this world. 

Blessed be all the connections in our lives: 
the families by birth and the families by choice.

Blessed be those whose paths have crossed ours
Whose kindness has brought light into our lives.

Blessed be the strangers you and I walk past each day—
For each of us is in need of soul deep caring. 
Each of us needs affirmation
That we are welcome and wanted.

Blessed be the child who embodies the promise
of life’s energy.

Blessed be the earth.
And where there is pain, loss or regret
May there be blessing yet to come
Of healing and clarity,
Of much needed relief.

Blessed be this moment,
A blessing of breath,
A blessing of being.

Bless the people who surround you.

Bless each other as you pass the flame.

Bless yourself.

Bless the silence.