A Spring Blessing

Rev. Diane Rollert, 6 May 2018

Spirit of Life,
Ground of our being,
and Nameless one,
Gracious silence:

We hunger for home,
we thirst for belonging,
we long to know
that we too
are blessings to this world.

Sometimes we forget
how to honour each other,
how to love,
or how to give and receive.

We close our hearts,
we let our bodies fill with anger,
we become vessels
for our frustrations.

What does it take
to pour out all the disappointments
and worry?
What does it take
to pour out all the unkindness
that we can take for granted?
What if we bless the contradictions
that make us human?
What if we bless each other?

This is my simple prayer:

May the returning green,
the growing warmth of the sunlight,
the lengthening days,
and the buds that are beginning to burst,
bless you.

May the city, 
awakening out of its winter hibernation,
bless you.

May each person sitting beside you,
in front of you,
and behind you,
bless you.

May each person,
each living thing, 
that you pass on your way home today,
bless you
with renewed love for yourself,
with renewed welcome,
and with the bright promise
of the arrival of spring.