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UCM Vision Statement

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"I've Got a Great Idea" 

How to get a "great idea" up and running at UCM:

Childcare Decision Primer

UCM Food Allergens & Food Labeling Policy

Measles Statement

UCM FaceBook Policy

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Minutes - March 5, 2017, Divestment Meeting

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Minutes for the Board of Management 2015 - 2018

UCM Annual General Meetings

2018 AGM - Minutes from the 2017 AGM - Download Minutes (pending approval at the 2019 AGM)

AGM Agenda 2018 


2017 AGM  Minutes  - Download Minutes

AGM Agenda 2017 - pending


2016 AGM - Minutes from the 2016 AGM - Download Minutes (pending approval at the 2017 AGM)

Motion on the Statement of Purpose