Deanna Silver

Language: English


Deanna Silver learned about hard work growing up on a farm in Nova Scotia. She trained and worked as a dental hygienist, and taught dental hygiene at Dalhousie University.

 For fifteen years, she owned restaurants in Halifax-the Silver Spoon Restaurant and Silver Spoon Desserts, serving seafood and decadent desserts. She catered for the 1995 G8 summit, feeding leaders of the western world - Bill Clinton, John Major, François Mitterand, Helmut Kohl-- and watched as Boris Yeltsin passed out flat on the floor.

 Deanna is a longtime Unitarian, open to trying new things. With her Unitarian-based Goddess Group in Halifax, she found lasting inspiration in a workshop with the ecofeminist writer and activist, Star Hawk.

 Deanna maintains her link to Halifax: her son lives there as do many of her good friends. When she first moved away from Halifax, it was to Vancouver, then to Montreal where her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren live.
When she lived in Vancouver, Deanna worked as a locum health worker with aboriginal communities in remote areas of British Columbia -- the Kootenays, and Haida Gwaii (formerly known as the Queen Charlotte Islands). She created a craft business there, with an Etsy "shop" online, selling high-end individualized Christmas stockings made of silk, velvet, laces and other decorative elements.

More recently, as a poet, Deanna became a fan of slam poetry in Vancouver. She now participates in poetry sessions and other activities at the McGill Community for Lifelong Learning (MCLL). With one foot still in Halifax, Deanna is fashioning a new life in Montreal. Still a Unitarian, still a poet, still an extrovert who loves connecting with people, she is surviving her Zumba classes at the Westmount YMCA. You can meet her presiding over coffee in Phoenix Hall on Sunday mornings after the service.