Jim Lewis

Languages: English and a smattering of  French


The words I choose to describe myself are, in this order: writer, humanist, guitarist, composer, political junkie and omnivore. I didn’t attend a church or read a Bible until I was in my twenties, which was too late to indoctrinate me in a belief system, although I do seem to have acquired a tilt toward reincarnation and agnosticism. A few years ago, I developed health issues which led me to retire from teaching, but I had no idea how much fun retirement would turn out to be. The longer I live, the more I accept life’s contradictions: I probably spend way too much time on the Internet, but I was appalled to learn that most people get their news from social media like Facebook; also, I miss the chess problems that used to be available in the newspapers, but I have grown fond of solving Sudoku puzzles. I’m a pack rat, and it’s difficult for me to get rid of books, magazines, and clothes. I have enormous bookshelves of fiction (half a long wall) and nonfiction (the other half). I love to read, so I subscribe to The Nation, Walrus, the New Yorker, the Montreal Gazette and Globe and Mail. I have written a bunch of short stories and two novels, one of which is in-progress. I also like to write nonfiction, but I save that for my rants on life. Spoiler alert: I have an announcement to make to the Congregation on December 15th.