David McLeod

Languages: English, French passably, and some Klingon.

I'm a queer-identified cisgendered man who goes by Mr. as my pronoun. I'm an ardent feminist, often activist, and always helpful fellow. I’ve had the delight of being employed in various sectors in Montreal, including the retail, industrial, construction, and gaming sectors. I currently work in game design and production for a tabletop gaming company in a variety of roles.

I've been a member of the UCM community for eight years and spent three years in the stewardship role. I'm in a weekday exploration group and try to help out with collections and welcome new people when they walk in the door. I've done some projects for the church, such as the step stool at the lectern, and the book cases in the Garden Room.

I'm not Scottish. I took my wife's name when we were married in 2002 in Halifax. My 'maiden' name is Wood and is not recognized by the government of Quebec (so progressive here, bleh). I enjoy science, sci-fi, model building, and games with friends, plus fixing things.

In terms of religion, I was brought up non-religious with lots of religious education from the library, and then moved into Paganism and Wicca before rebounding to Unitarianism.

The question I get asked the most at the UCM is if my kilt is Scottish. It is not. The style I wear is contemporary in design though I was married while wearing a retro-design great kilt. I'm not fashion conscious, but I believe that people should wear whatever makes them comfortable and happy without worrying about being ridiculed.

If there is any philosophy I adhere to it is the Star Trek Vulcan idea of IDIC or Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations where we accept that all people and experiences are unique and have value, and that we should celebrate and share our gifts.