Julie Golick, Church Administrator

Languages: English and French, with a smattering of Hebrew, Yiddish, and Latin


I knew about the UCM for several years before I joined its staff. Several of my friends were members of the
community, but as a secular Jew it had never occurred to me to attend services. However, one of my friends knew I was looking for work, knew the UCM was looking for an
administrator… and here I am!

My educational background is in the humanities, with a double-major in liberal arts and history from Concordia University and a master of arts in medieval history from the University of Toronto. When I wasn’t learning about history in an academic setting, I was taking part in it as living history through the Society for Creative Anachronism, a medieval reenactment society where I teach, sing, tell stories, and research the lives of interesting
Christian saints. I’d always planned on teaching CEGEP after I graduated, but teaching jobs in the
humanities were hard to come by, and after a short stint as an ESL teacher, I found myself falling into administrative support jobs instead. I love working for non-profit organizations and feeling like I’m helping the world become a better place, so the UCM was a natural fit for me.

I’m a tried-and-true geek, and anyone who’s been by the UCM office in the last year has probably seen some little geeky touches hiding in my office decorations. My loves include science fiction and fantasy, roleplaying games, and medieval history, and I can talk your ear off about any of these topics – and more! – when I’m taking a break from running the church office. We can chat over tea – another one of my loves. (Psst… one of the worst-kept secrets in the church is the tea stash I’ve got hidden in my office.)

I know it’s always difficult to switch over from a long-term staff member to someone new,
someone who might have different ideas about how things should be done. But I’ve been so
grateful for the warm welcome I’ve received from the UCM community. This is truly a special place, and I’m happy to be part of it. If you’re ever near the church during office hours, stop by and say hello! I’d love to meet all of you!