Becoming a Member

Considering membership? Join us for one of our Pathway to Membership sessions to explore what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist and a member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal.  To learn more, contact the Membership Coordinator at We hope you'll consider joining us this year.  

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Membership at the Unitarian Church of Montreal


  • Members share fully in the life of the community of the Unitarian Church of Montreal, shaping its mission and determining its course. 
  • Members join together to welcome, nurture, inspire, and challenge one another, and to take action in the world.
  • Members have the privilege of holding leadership positions in the church.
  • All members who have signed the membership book and have made an annual financial contribution to the church have a right to vote in congregational meetings. 
  • Those who have been members for one full year have special voting rights that set the course of the church’s future, such as the calling of a minister, the purchase or sale of property, building projects, or amending the church’s By-Laws.
  • Members call on the minister for rites of passage such as weddings, memorial services and child dedications without a fee. 


  • Membership indicates that you are in sympathy with the mission of the church and are willing to share in a covenant with fellow members to affirm the Unitarian Universalist Purposes and Principles. 
  • There are no specific spiritual or religious beliefs that you must profess to become a member. 

A member of the Unitarian Church of Montreal is expected to:

  •  Be a full participant in our community.
  •  Attend worship services, activities and events.
  •  Volunteer time to support the life of the community.
  •  Make a fair and responsible pledge of financial support each year.
  •  Be open to learning and growing with others.
  •  Be willing to deepen spiritually through heart and mind, and through service.
  •  Deepen in knowledge of Unitarian Universalist traditions.
  •  Share in ministry with the Minister and leaders of the congregation.
  •  Model hospitality and be an ambassador of the church and Unitarian Universalism.
  •  Cultivate your unique gifts of leadership and service, by working with others to forge and strengthen our bonds.

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