Our Director of Music: Sandra Hunt

Sandra Hunt, our Director of Music, hails from Edmonton, where she obtained her Master of Music degree before pursuing advanced studies in Europe. Currently, Sandra teaches and performs in the Montreal area, where she has worked for McGill University, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (MSO) and the CBC, in addition to touring with soprano Kerry-Anna Kutz across Canada and the United States. At the Unitarian Church and elsewhere, Sandra frequently performs with her husband, MSO cellist Gary Russell. Following in their parents' musical footsteps, Matthew and Vanessa Hunt-Russell also delight us, from time to time, with selections for voice, cello, piano and trombone.

Reveling in the openness of this Unitarian congregation to different kinds of music, Sandra inspires her Sunday listeners with piano music ranging from the classical repertoire to the plainest of chants, from jazz to the avant-garde.

Sandra has arranged a liaison with the McGill Faculty of Music, whose students now perform at a piano concert after our monthly Mid-Day Meal With Music. The Music Committee meets monthly with Sandra to help her achieve her ambitious musical aims for the congregation. Contact: 2sandrahunt@gmail.com