November 21, 2016 Update

At long last, they’re coming!

It’s been a year since we first voted to sponsor a Syrian refugee family. Now, finally, Omar, Salwa and their seven children are on their way. They will arrive in Montreal on November 28. Our sponsorship task force, along with our translator who has already developed a strong relationship with the family, will be at the airport to greet them with signs, flowers and tears of joy.

Thank you to the amazing teams of volunteers who have been preparing for their arrival. A newly painted apartment with all the necessary furnishings awaits the family. A list of translators has been compiled who will be assisting the education, health, and other teams as they help the family get started in their new life. What a beautiful way to begin the New Year.

In the meantime, we are waiting to hear news of Hanna and Nadia and their two sons. We remain in touch with them, and we hope they too will be on their way soon.

With much gratitude to everyone,

Refugee Task Force

 —Rev. Diane Rollert, David Rollert, John Inder, Marlean Martin