March Update - Report from the Syrian Refugee Task Force

Things are starting to move quickly now as our teams prepare for our first family’s arrival. Diane stays in contact with the office of the Quebec Minister of Immigration to track the status of their file. She just received word that it will be sent from a processing centre in Winnipeg to the
Canadian embassy in Amman, Jordan in about two weeks. (We thought it was already in Jordan.) 
So their arrival date is probably a month or two away. 

The teams have been working hard, sometimes under great stress, to locate and sort out the most immediate needs. Already the fundraising team has managed to raise almost $60,000, and housing (an apartment in Ville Saint Laurent) and basic furniture (beds, table, sofa) have been found. However, all this requires negotiation (apt.), collaboration (pick-up, delivery, payment) and a lot of patience and goodwill.

 It would be a big help if anyone has a van or truck and could transport some of the larger items. This would save the cost of renting a van. 

Diane and John were able to Skype with the second family and John is maintaining email contact with the adult sons, both of whom speak English. Their arrival is probably further away; we
understand it takes longer for refugees coming from Lebanon to be processed. But we could always be surprised.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Syrian Night Fundraiser on May 7 at the church. There will be dinner with accompaniment by the Séguin, Mayrand, Edding trio. Tickets will be on sale
after Sunday Services. 

Refugee Task Force —Marlean Martin, John Inder, Rev. Diane and David Rollert