April 27 - Report from the Syrian Refugee Task Force

The Task Force is looking at ways to encourage the government to speed up the process so that our two families could arrive before the summer. A couple of us have written to our MPs and other government officials requesting action on this issue. If you feel the same, please write to your MP and any other government officials you can think of who may be able to help. Be sure to include Minister of Immigration, John Mccallum. We are concerned for the Syrian refugees who have already been approved by Quebec and are being privately sponsored. This is a problem that other Quebec groups who are privately sponsoring Syrian refugee families are also facing. The longer they wait in refugee camps in Jordan and Lebanon, the more difficult their lives become. Meanwhile, here in Quebec, their sponsors are waiting for them, have found housing, schools, etc. and are eager to help them adjust to their new lives and integration into Quebec society.

MP’s names and addresses, including email addresses, are easily found on the Canadian government website. You can also contact Mayor Denis Coderre and Premier Philippe Couillard directly on their government websites. Quebec officials are very relevant because Quebec handles its own immigration and these families have already been approved by Quebec. Premier Couillard is also part of a private sponsorship group for a Syrian refugee family
There will be a Syrian Night Fundraiser, May 7 at the church including a dinner with accompaniment by the Séguin, Mayrand, Edding trio. Tickets were $40 each for those lucky enough to get them. Update: This event has sold out. Thanks for everyone’s support!

Refugee Task Force —Marlean Martin, John Inder, Rev. Diane and David Rollert