February 1, 2017 Update

The Al Mohammad family is doing well as they adjust to life in Montreal. After a day of sledding and skiing in the Laurentian Mountains, organized by some of our volunteers, they reported, “We love Canada!” The Al Mohammads were also the guests of honour at a celebratory potluck dinner at the church hosted by the refugee sponsorship volunteer teams. A wonderful time was had by all. 
The primary and secondary school-aged children have settled into their welcome classes, and the older children and adults are now taking part-time courses in French. Their full-time French
immersion courses should begin soon.
The second family we are sponsoring has received their Certificats de séléction du Québec (CSQ), which is confirmation that they have been cleared to immigrate here. They are now waiting to receive their visas to travel from the Canadian embassy in Beirut. Their arrival could be just weeks away, but we won’t know for sure until we receive a message from Quebec immigration that their flights have been booked. Our volunteer teams are gearing up to welcome them and will be
sending out a specific request for items still needed soon. Until then, we will not be collecting any more gifts, as we have met our storage capacity. 

Thanks to all for your continued support.
Rev. Diane Rollert

Refugee Task Force —Rev. Diane Rollert, David Rollert, John Inder, Marlean Martin