May 1, 2017 Update

Hanna and Nadia, the parents of Nikola and Wasem, will be arriving on Friday, April 28. It has been a long, nail-biting wait. We are so very relieved that by the time you read this they will have arrived. We are grateful to Immigration Quebec and to the office of federal Minister Marc Garneau for providing us with information and support to keep things moving along.
Nikola and Wasem are attending part-time French classes as they wait to be assigned to the
full-time program. They are settling in well and are looking forward to welcoming their parents to their new home.

The Al Mohammad family continues to do well. Everyone is now enrolled in school, from the
youngest to the oldest. The adults are all attending full-time French courses and are quickly learning the basics. The children and the adults are making friends with immigrants from around the world with French as their common means of communication.

A fantastic evening of potluck and fellowship was held in early April in the church’s Phoenix Hall, bringing together the two families we are sponsoring along with one of the families being sponsored by Temple Emanu-El-Beth Sholom. Members of the church’s and the temple’s refugee sponsorship teams brought bountiful and delicious food, with about 50 people in attendance. As Unitarians, Jews, Muslims and Christians, we joyfully broke break together. Thanks to the planning team and kitchen crew!

Gifts of time, bicycles, summer camp tuition, and money for dental care have been donated in the past month. It’s amazing how the generosity continues.

Thanks to everyone for your gifts and ongoing support of both families.

Refugee Task Force—Rev. Diane Rollert, David Rollert, John Inder, Leah Garfield-Wright