July 1, 2017

We were happily surprised by an unexpected visit from Siba Alkahour, founder of Najda Now, on Sunday, June 18. Siba has been working tirelessly for several years to settle Syrian refugees in Canada. She has given heart and soul to saving as many people as possible. 

It was thanks to Siba that we found the Al Mohammad and Nakhla families. We were all a bit
teary-eyed as Siba shared words of thanks to the congregation. 

There are many ways that we imagine taking action in the world. Supporting Syrian refugee families has been one of the most direct and effective actions we could take to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. 

There are moments when we are reminded that each refugee who makes it to Canada is a life saved. Not but a month or so ago, Aboud Al Mohammad lost one of his dearest friends. They had been
living together while going to school in Jordan, separated from the rest of the family. Unexpectedly, before the Al Mohammads came here, Aboud's friend was deported back to Syria. Once home, he was shot in a field for no apparent reason along with another young man. Aboud's uncle, Omar's brother, was also gunned down earlier this year while riding in his car. 

As both families tell us, it is still unbelievable to them that they are finally on safe and peaceful ground. So, thank you, dear congregation, for all you have done to make these sponsorships possible. 

Refugee Task Force—Rev. Diane Rollert, David Rollert, John Inder, Leah Garfield-Wright