Renting Our Space

Our Building and Neighborhood

Since 1996, the Unitarian Church of Montreal has been located in an older area of the west side of Montreal. Our neighborhood embodies the distinctive architectural and cultural diversity of Montreal, and is home to many city shops, and restaurants.

The church is easily accessible via public transportation. Parking is available in the UCM parking lot behind the church, on the street, and in paid parking lots nearby in the area.

  • The Sanctuary

    • Seats 190 with overflow seating available.

    • Seating can be arranged to meet the event's needs.

    • Free flowing with a graceful vaulted ceiling yet retains a sense of intimacy.

    • Natural light during the day or can be richly illuminated for evening and nighttime event.

    • The Laliberté piano is available on the main platform.

    • A sound system is available for use

  • Phoenix Hall

    • Holds 115 people seated theater style or 100 gathered around 10 tables.

    • Serves as an excellent reception room or for business meetings for organizations.

    • Guest access to WiFi is available.

    • An upright piano is available in this space for an additional fee.

  • The Kitchen can be rented with Phoenix Hall for receptions or gatherings or separately for stand alone demos or food prep, which only can be done in the kitchen area.

  • Various other rooms including the Thomas Room, Children's Chapel, Nursery and Garden Room are available for smaller meetings and gatherings.

From left to right: Phoenix Hall, Thomas Room, Garden Room, Children's Chapel. (Click on the picture to expand the view.)

To rent space in our building or for more information, send an email to Melani Litwack at or call 514-485-9933.

Lay chaplains are available to officiate at weddings and ceremonies.

The following rental rates represent starting prices for a period of four hours:

  • Sanctuary - starting at $550

  • Sanctuary, Phoenix Hall and Kitchen - starting at $800

  • Phoenix Hall - starting at $250

    • Phoenix Hall and Kitchen (coffee and tea only) - starting at $300

    • Phoenix Hall and Kitchen (catering or cooking )- starting at $400

  • Kitchen (cooking and/or food prep/demo) - starting at $240

  • Thomas Room, Children's Chapel, Nursery, Garden Room - starting at $100

  • Other meeting rooms - starting at $75

Additional fees:

  • Set up and take down fee (excluding Sanctuary) - $50

  • Use of the upright piano - $40

  • Rehearsal time with the Laliberté piano plus a custodian if needed - $50 per hour

Additional Custodial fees:

  • After 22:00 or statutory holidays - $50 per hour

  • Additional custodian if over 100 in attendance - $100 per 4 hours

A rental and damage deposit is required. The damage deposit will be refunded in whole or part depending on the condition in which the premises are left. A cancellation fee will be applied dependent on when the event is cancelled.