The Great Big World Wide SECC Veggie Burger Challenge:

Happening Summer 2019 and beyond!


Help Wanted: The SECC needs recipe creators, recipe seekers, chefs, and tasters to help us find the world’s best recipe for a veggie burger. Your discovered or original recipe could be the winner, or among the top three or top ten finalists. We hope to publish all the best recipes online in a SECC veggie burger cookbook.

Our quest will continue throughout the summer, or beyond if necessary, until the world’s tastiest, juiciest, and healthiest veggie burger is found! Recipes for other sorts of beef-alternative burgers, such as dolphin-friendly certified tuna burgers are also welcome. And why not let us know about your favourite veggie burger found at a restaurant or pre-packaged from a store.

Burgers from a favourite fast food restaurant or cooked on our summer barbecues are a cherished comfort food for many of us. Yet sadly, we have learned that beef consumption leads to environmental destruction, in the form of global warming, when that beef comes to us via modern, inhumane, massive factory farming methods.

Our Veggie Burger Challenge top prize winner will receive a SECC Best Veggie Burger Chef plaque and a gift basket of (what else?) delicious farm-fresh veggies. Thanks to Christine Rourke for her excellent suggestion of a meat-replacement initiative event for SECC.

Contact Susan Fitch:

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