It Takes Courage (Audio Available)

Akiko Asano with Rev. Nicoline Guerrier and Carlene Gardner, 3 April 2016

A reprise of a popular offering from last summer, exploring how courage, vulnerability, and a dedicated network of allies and advocates impact the lives of people in the trans* community. Akiko Asano is co-founder and president of Gender Creative Kids Canada.

Reflection by Akiko Asano

I have been a volunteer with Gender Creative Kids Canada since April 2013, however I have been working with families of trans*kids for over a decade. For us, a gender creative kid is a child who will identify or express their gender in ways that are not stereotypical to their assigned gender.  Assigned gender is given to us by a doctor who takes a quick look at our bodies and ticks off the box: “F” for female or “M” for male and if the Doctor is not sure what they saw, they would then pick a gender which, in their professional opinion, would be the best “viable option” and proceeds to tick off the appropriate gender marker for this.

 However, what I have learned from working with gender creative or trans* kids is that, what you see may or may not be what you get. Download and continue reading...

Reflection by the UCM Youth Programs Coordinator  (Audio Available)

I was invited to participate in today’s service because of my role as the Youth Programmes Coordinator. Working with teenagers is challenging because teen culture changes much more quickly than I can keep up with. But some things don’t change, and one of those things is how much identity structuring goes on during your teen years. Download and  continue reading...