A Ministry of People and Passages (Audio Available)

Introduction to Lay Chaplaincy Sunday - Rev. Diane Rollert

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Lay Chaplaincy is a program that is unique to the Unitarian Universalist movement in Canada. It was developed as an outreach program to support our ministers who were unable to meet the growing demand for interfaith or secular but meaningful weddings, memorial services, celebrations of life and child dedications (that’s our version of what you might call a baptism or a naming ceremony). Our lay chaplains serve for 3 to 6 years after receiving training from the Canadian Unitarian Council. In French, we call them célébrants laïcs. Download and continue to read Intro to Lay Chaplaincy Sunday.

Reflection - Caroline Jondahl

Whatever form of spirituality we are inspired by, milestones mark our lives, birth, commitment to someone or something, and death— all times of major transition. As social beings, most of us are happy and grateful to celebrate, or mourn with others. It can be exhausting, exhilarating, uncertain or ambiguous, often at the same time.  

Lay chaplains are intimately familiar with the depths of people’s most cherished moments. It is through and because of these transitions that lives are charged with meaning. This also gives meaning to our lives. Download and continue reading Caroline's reflection.

Reflection - Normand Gosselin

Vulnérabilité… c’est quoi au juste?

Comment en suis-je affecté dans ma fonction de célébrant laïc? 

C’est l’état dans lequel je me trouve lorsque je suis sujet à la critique, à des attaques. 

Lorsque je pose un geste, que je me prononce, que je prends position, que j’émets une opinion, bien sûr que je m’expose à des attaques. Très souvent, c’est parce qu’en le faisant, la personne qui m’écoute se sent elle-même attaquée, et elle me porte un coup parce qu’elle craint qu’effectivement je l’attaque. Une sorte de diversion, quoi. Téléchargez et lisez la réflexion de Normand Gosselin.

Relection - Shoshanna Green

Some of you may not know that there’s a term limit to lay chaplaincy: it’s a three-year term, renewable once. The term limit exists for a number of reasons, but one of them is to give many people the opportunity to do this work. Not everyone is suited for it, and we go through a lot of training. But lay chaplaincy is a tremendous experience of stretching and learning; it’s been amazing for me, and that’s why I approve of the term limit, even though I’m going to hate it come next June. Download and continue reading Shoshanna's reflection.