The Transformative Power of Krump (Full Audio Available)

Sunday, April 28th, 2019
Special Guest 7Starr with Rev. Diane Rollert, with music by Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert and Lillias Lippert

Krump at UCM? Wow! That’s what our staff said when they heard the news. Vladimir ''7Starr'' Laurore is a pioneer of the Canadian Krump scene. In 2005, he co-founded the first Krump crew in Canada, Bzerk Squad. 7Starr is also the creator of Gutta Zone, the first and biggest major Krump event in the country. In 2017, he received the Victor Martyn Lynch Staunton award given by the Canada Council for the Arts for outstanding artistic achievement by Canadian artists. 7Starr joins us (with fellow dancers Jason Luce and Nindy Banks) this Sunday to share his art and to talk about the transformative power of Krump in his work with underprivileged schools, charity organizations, and community centres.     

Please, You
Prayer by Rev, Diane Rollert

Please, You,
Ground of Our Being,
ground of my being,
send words of hope through me
to fill this room with light,
because my heart is filled
with sorrow
for the earth and her fading motherhood,
for the hatred that grows
in human hearts,
for the violence
that invades our most sacred

Here’s what I carry on my heart:
Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday,
churches, hotels
families, children gone,
broken into millions of irreparable pieces
never to be reunited. 

The sons and a daughter of wealth,
who for no understandable reason
decide to destroy themselves
and hundreds others —
for a crying, angry, hating,

Another young man
in another corner of the earth,
with a gun, and a screed,
plays out his hatred
in a synagogue
on the last day of Passover. 

And here I am
breaking news into shards of glass,
unable to shut my eyes or my ears
to the tragedies as they unfold. 

Here I am,
trying to understand
how fear and hatred
of the stranger
can too easily erase our capacity for compassion,
and rob us of our own humanity.  

Please, You,
remind me
that there is still love here,
that hope persists,
that the greening of the world
is a promise that is always fulfilled. 

Remind me that hope comes
in the form of dance and music,
that hope comes out of stories of courage,
and the willingness to be changed
for the sake of goodness. 

Transformation comes
out of caterpillars and cocoons.
Wings emerge,
dry and take flight
in a flash of splendid colour.
Sun exists
beyond the grey overhanging clouds.
Something reminds us
to hold tight to what we love. 
Something calls us to re-enter
the sanctuary,
to sweep away the brokenness,
to begin again. 

May it be so,
now, tomorrow,