Seeds and Stones Meditation

By: AmberDawn Bellemare, 21 October 2018

I invite everyone to imagine holding a river rock in one hand and a sunflower seed in the other. As you explore the two textures, I invite you to reflect on a big risk that you may have had the blessing to experience, and join me in the spirit of prayer, meditation, or silent reflection.

Mother Earth takes her breath
with a profundity and passivity
that shifts whole continents without notice.

The great void within yesterdays’ oceans
eventually becomes the meeting place for coastal collision,
forcing rocky mountains to ascend beyond reach.
Ice caps the distant rugged tips that decorate Father Sky;
Theirs is a slow and steady race toward nothing
that began however many billions of years ago.

Grandfather Sun shines on the glacial plains,
warming drops of water that carve out the rock one grain of sand at a time,
carving out vein-like riverbeds
that blend into watersheds
into basins
and lakes
and oceanic voids.
In however many billion years from now,
as the earth exhales once again and Grandmother Moon keeps ancient time,
the coast may just find itself high above the rest of the world once more,
capped by the frozen waters
it once embraced down below.

The rivers that divide and re-join as they meander down the mountain
look a lot like lightning bolts or tree branches,
look a lot like roots in the ground, veins in stone, in our hearts and in our hands.

Beneath the surface, rose coloured salmon fight their way
upstream, determined to return to their natal rivers,
beckoned to their birthplace.

From the breath of the earth to the veins in our hearts,
from the raging rivers to the salmon who swim them; against all odds,
life is carried back to itself.

Connecting with our deepest humanity,
we are carried back to the place we were born,
carried on the backs of each other,
to that threshold we kick against.

It is here we find within us the very seeds and stones
that gift birth
and weigh us down.
Heavy are the stones, sometimes
but one million rocks in hand
could never amount to the summits we climb together.

This sacred surface on which we tread, trip over, scrape our knees
reveals the path that shapes our vision;
It guides us, reminding us,
just where, exactly, to plant our seeds.

Can we grow beyond the form of our ancestors?

Into unfathomed potentials,
we are fed by the wisdom of the waters that rush by,
dividing and re-joining,
meandering down the mountain upon which we stand.
Within our grip, we balance
the risks we take and the people we take them with.

Can we grow beyond our fear of hurting too much,
of laughing too hard,
of dividing and re-joining?

Connecting with our deepest humanity,
we may just find ourselves at the beginning again.

Wherever we are in this sacred circle
May we all carry one another
the long way home,
stones and seeds in hand.

Our unfathomed potential,
anchored in the breath of the earth.

- AmberDawn Bellemare, Unitarian Church of Montreal

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