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The Religious Experience - Sunday Service

The Religious Experience
Special guest: Rev. Fred Cappuccino, with music by Sandra Hunt and Eleuthera Diconca-Lippert

The classic Religious Experience was that of St Paul on the road to Damascus. Paul immediately stopped persecuting Christians, and became one himself. Many religious people have devoted their lives to seeking a religious experience. One fellow named Mert inquired of (Methodist) Bishop Quayle, "Bishop, How can I have an experience of God?" The bishop said, "Well, Mert, Go into a deep forest…." The Rev. Fred Cappuccino will finish this story when he speaks…

Fred is 92 and is still making lots of trouble. He and his wife Bonnie are Members of the Order of Canada for their work with Child Haven International, which cares for 1300 formerly destitute children in nine Homes in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Tibet.

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