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SECC’s Collective Kitchen Cooks Veggie Burgers

***Please note: cancelled***

UCM Kitchen and Phoenix Hall

Join us for this congenial collective kitchen experience as we prepare together (in a small group) two yummy yet different kinds of veggie burgers, right here in our own UCM kitchen.

The quantity will be enough for each participant to take home four burgers, or stay a bit longer and eat some for lunch together in Phoenix Hall following the food preparation portion of the event. Veggie burgers are not only delicious and easy to make, but they help save the planet from the serious effects of global warming caused by massive scale factory farming’s inhumane methods of meat production. Registration is limited to a maximum of eight persons for this event, so please be in touch early to ensure your place.

All ingredients are provided and there will be a charge of $6.00 per person to cover the cost of ingredients. This event is part of SECC’s Great Big World Wide Veggie Burger Challenge, our quest to find the best veggie burger on the planet.

Contact Susan Fitch: