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UCM’s Annual General Meeting

Dear Members and Friends,

You are warmly invited to attend the UCM’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday, June 9, 2019 at 12:30 pm after the service. A light lunch is planned for after the service, before the meeting. This will be an important day of community and commitment for our congregation.

Candidates for the Board of Management will be elected during the AGM. The slate of candidates is as follows:

President - Marlo Turner Ritchie
Vice President - open
Secretary - Catherine Ruth Scherzer
Treasurer - Myriam Larose
Stewardship - Avis Anderson
Member-at-large - Bill Gilsdorf
Member-at-large - Abram Friedland
Past-president - Juan Vera
Moderator - Shoshanna Green

There will also be a meeting to review the 2018 financial statements and to vote on the auditor for 2019.  Please plan to attend, as quorum is needed in order to appoint the 2019 auditors. To be a voting member, you must have signed the membership book and made an identifiable financial donation in the past year. In addition to a financial review and the election of our new board, there will be some brief (but inspiring!) reports.

If you require additional information, contact Petrina Lee Poy, membership coordinator.