2018-19, Love Grows Here | L’amour grandit ici

 Religious Exploration at the Unitarian Church of Montreal

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From Katharine Childs, Director of Religious Exploration:

Our Religious Explorations programme for children & youth works with our Theme-Based Ministry worship themes to provide relevant, diverse programming which gives families touch points to carry into their daily lives.  Our weekly religious explorations newsletter lets families know about the upcoming Sunday programming, as well as follow up suggestions from the previous week.I

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Love Grows Here | L’amour grandit ici

Inspired by our Unitarian Religious Education ancestor, Sophia Fahs (who created some of the first Unitarian religious education curriculum) we are encouraging children to ask questions and grow through experiences instead of rote learning; wanting to help our kids grow in confidence and resilience, we’re inspired by the contemporary idea of having a “growth mindset” as a way to build courage and overcome challenges.  Committed to our Canadian Unitarian aspiration to work toward radical inclusion, our RE theme this year is Love Grows Here.

In our Religious Explorations programme we explore our monthly themes in different ways:

1st Sunday of the month - Growing Together

On Growing Together Sundays we worship as a whole congregation together (children do not go downstairs for RE programming); these Sundays feature interactive worship elements, storytelling, and lively singing and music.  These first Sunday services also feature many of our most meaningful community rituals, like Flower Communion and Fire Communion.

2nd Sunday of the month - The Art of Growing

On our Art Sundays we stretch our creative muscles with art projects using the wide variety of materials in our Art Hive classroom space.  Varying between individual and group art projects, and different kinds of art forms, we also take time on the second Sunday to learn about artists of all kinds and their stories.

3rd Sunday of the month - Growing & Changing

On Growing & Changing Sundays we explore the wonder of science and nature - learning about our bodies and the world around us, about science heroes and important discoveries.  We keep nature journals to keep track of experiments and natural elements we encounter.

4th Sunday of the month - Grow Your Mind! Ask a Question!

Sophia Fahs was revolutionary in asserting that children were not just empty vessels to be filled with knowledge, but instead were gardens where seeds of ideas could be planted, and tended with love.  Seeking knowledge through asking questions and following a child’s thirst for learning was one of Fahs’ prefered methods of teaching. On the 4th Sunday we answer questions from our question board, and wrap up our monthly theme.

5th Sunday of the month - Growing Young

George Bernard Shaw wrote: “We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing” - in this vein, we dedicate the rare 5th Sunday in the month to joyful play!

Have questions or feedback about the program, or concerns about bringing your family to church?  Please email Katharine Childs, Director of Religious Exploration (dre@ucmtl.ca) or fill in the form below.  We do our best to accommodate the diverse needs of our community, and to create a program that's inclusive of all our backgrounds and abilities!

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