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The Unitarian Church of Montreal Heritage Library is a non-circulating, reference library of religion, the majority of which is about Unitarianism and Universalism, particularly in Canada.

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Montreal's Unitarians

History of the Heritage Library

The library’s holding came primarily through gifts from the personal collections of Rev. Angus Cameron, Rev. Charles Eddis, and Rev. Ray Drennan. Additional materials from Rev. Leonard Mason and Rev. John Cordner were found among the books remaining in the minister’s office after the Simpson Street fire. Other materials have been purchased.

Identifying and organizing these materials has been done by volunteers over a span of years. The seminal work of organizing the materials as they came out of shipping boxes was done by Ann Vickers with the assistance of Karen Bassett. Their work was to locate, catalogue, and assign call numbers that would allow others to locate a particular item. Alice Robinette, a McGill Library School student volunteer continued organizing the materials.

Later, the acquisition of a library management program, Resource Mate 3, allowed the entering of the original information into a searchable database and greatly aided in deriving cataloging numbers. Frank Greene entered the data from the binders into the database. Still later, Carol Greene finished entering the materials in the collection. Over the past couple of years, Carol has been aided by several library school students who volunteered to assist the project.

Getting this library from boxes of materials to an organized collection has taken a long time and the dedication of many members and friends.