Themes of Our Lives

Exploring the Themes of Our Lives - Exploration des thématiques

Welcome back to theme-based ministry at the Unitarian Church of Montreal. 2017-18 will be our fourth year exploring monthly themes as we consider what it means to live our Unitarian Universalist values. We hope this year’s themes will prove to be both inspiring and challenging:

September / septembre                  Letting Go / Lâcher prise
October / octobre                           Connection/La connexion
November / novembre                     Humility / L’humilité
December / décembre                     Expectations / Les attentes
January / janvier                              Growth / La croissance
February / février                             Interdependence / L’interdépendance-Canada wide
March / mars                                    Creativity / La créativité
April / avril                                       Curiosity / La curiosité
May / mai                                          Blessing / Le bienfait
June / juin                                         Simplicity / La simplicité

June/juin 2018 - Simplicty / La simplicité

 “Stones” by Free-Photos, public domain,

“Stones” by Free-Photos, public domain,

A Month of Simplicity

How do you simplify life?
The answer changes
with each stage of life. 

We romanticize the simplicity of childhood,
of life without demands,
yet the infant works hard
to understand a world appearing
out of the jumble of sound, light and touch.

The toddler struggles to make sense
of limbs and language.
The school child struggles to read
and to sit still,
and then come the years
of walking the social tightrope
until one day you are asked:
What do want to do with your life?

The course is set,
the lists are made,
relationships, responsibilities,
the building up
of where we imagine we’ve arrived,
then comes the aging
with its wisdom
and its complications.
Is being human ever simple?

Not when I step back
to think of the struggles we face
as we navigate the many options
of what we become
and what we do. 

… And don’t ask me about
the material stuff!
We each have our own desires
for liberation from the burden of things, 
or the need for more than we can ever have.

Maybe simplicity exists only
in the single moment,
when we find quiet, 
when we stop to notice
beauty or peace
amidst the chaos, 
when we find the ability to let go
of all that weighs us down,
when we set aside
the emotional and the physical clutter
to be rather than to do. 

So may we be— 

In this final month of June, before our summer season begins, may you find time to simplify what needs to be simplified in your life, while giving yourself permission to revel in the complexities you desire.


Rev. Diane Rollert

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