Summer Services and Office Hours 2015

Wednesday, July 1, UCM is closed for Canada Day.

Summer Services, organized by Ivy O'Reilly and Chloe Hart, will run July 5 to September 7. Expect thought-provoking discussions and seasonal fun! The first service (Sunday, July 5) will address the expectations we hold of summer. How can our spiritual practices help us towards our goals and protect us if we don't reach them.

Upcoming summer services are listed here for each week.

The office will be on summer hours July 2 to 17 and August 10 to September 4 inclusive. Monday to Thursday: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm and Friday:10:00 am - Noon
The office will be closed: July 20 re-opening August 10
The phone will be monitored at least once a day by a volunteer during the times when the office is closed.

What's Happening June 22 - 28, 2015

Join us Sunday, June 28 at 10:30 am, for The Artist’s Way presented by Rev. Diane Rollert with music by the Greater Goods.  An artist can spend hours observing one beautiful image before committing to the creation of a work of art.  A musician can spend hours contemplating the resonance of one chord.  What can we observe and create together that will launch us into the beauty of summer? Everyone is invited to a potluck “picnic” after the service.  If the weather is nice, we’ll set up tables outside.  If you can, please bring food to share.  The more the merrier.

Wednesday, June 24, the church office will be closed for La Fête de la Saint-Jean-Baptiste/ The Feast of St. John the Baptist.

Carmina Choir will be rehearsing Tuesday, June 23 at 7:30 pm. For those of you who have not participated in the Unitarian Drum Circle led by Ann Beer, consider participating this coming Sunday, June 28 from 4 -6 pm.

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The Darker Side of Beauty (Audio Available)

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert, 14 June 2015
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but we know better than that.  Beauty is only skin deep, but we easily forget that — or maybe wonder what it really means.  Beauty is too often confused with glamour but, if we are honest, we are often mesmerized by all that glitters.  “What does it mean to seek a life of beauty?” That’s the question of this month.  Of course, we’re not talking about living a life of physical, vain beauty.  But how can we spend a month contemplating beauty without confronting its darker side?

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What's Happening June 15 - 21, 2015

The Sunday service, June 21 at 10:30 am, will be The Power of Words presented by Mark Abley. Music will be provided by Sandra Hunt and family (Gary, Vanessa and Matthew Russell). In this service, poet and journalist Mark Abley will explore the capacity of language to heal, to inspire, and to hurt. Why do certain words have such extraordinary power over us? Do we take language too seriously -- or not seriously enough?

Mid-month activities for this week include the Letter-Writing Marie-Berthe Dion Issues Action Group meeting on Wednesday at 10:30 am. The Midday meal with music is scheduled this Wednesday at 12:30pm. Trevor Juhl will be doing a presentation on his trip to the Philippines this Sunday after the Sunday service at 12:30 pm.

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New Director of Religious Education

We are delighted to announce that Katharine Childs will be our new Director of Religious Education. We are thrilled that we will be moving from strength to strength as Caroline Balderston Parry retires at the end of this month and Katharine officially begins on August 17.

Katharine comes to us with many wonderful skills. She is comfortably bilingual, speaking and writing in both English and French, and she has spent years working in non-profit administration, training employees, and recruiting and coordinating volunteers. She has been a director of church summer camp programs, has training in theatre, and has worked with children in theatre. She has been an active member of our community, volunteering in the RE program and in worship, providing support for congregational gatherings, and setting up a knitting ministry. She was recently trained in the Our Whole Lives UU human sexuality program for children and youth.

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Falling in Love with the World Again

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert, 7 June 2015
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I wrote these words five years ago in an early December.  It was winter then, not a beautiful green spring day like today.  Yet the image still remains powerfully vivid in my mind as I contemplate beauty and my love for this world.

It was in the early morning, the day before the sky became thick with a white, impenetrable cloud cover and the snow began.  I was walking along the Lachine Canal.  This is my landscape, the place where I often walk.   That particular morning, the days being so short, the sun had only just begun to rise.  Everything was hazy with a soft suffusion of pale mauve.  The bricks of the buildings lining the canal were dark, the trees blackened, the city itself still sleeping— a foggy mirage of Montreal rising above the bridges.  

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What's Happening June 8 - 14, 2015

Join us Sunday, June 14 at 10:30 am for The Darker Side of Beauty with Rev. Diane Rollert and music by Jean Séguin, Denis Barsalo, Stuart Edding and Jane Critchlow. They say that beauty is only skin deep, but the truth is that societal norms and our own expectations around beauty can be very harmful to ourselves and each other.  A seemingly superficial topic, talking about  physical beauty is often taboo in our communities.  What happens if we look at it head on?

The last Play group will be Tuesday, June 9 at 10 am. Seeking the Sacred Stories will also have it's last meeting Tuesday at noon. The Book Discussion meets Wednesday, June 10 at 5:30 pm followed by a Council meeting at 6:30 PM. SECC will meet at 12:15 pm following the Sunday service for their last meeting before the summer break.

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Characters with Character

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert, 31 May 2015

When I look at my bookshelves, I see a collection of characters that I have carried with me for years.  Their images have become hazy, yet they are so present in my life. What is it about Madame Bovary, Anna Karenina, the tragic figure of Nana in Zola’s book of the same name, Jean-Marc in Michel Tremblay’s Le Coeur Découvert, or the many characters in Mark Halperin’s Winter’s Tale, that has stayed with me? I can’t say for sure without going back and rereading each book.  Yet I know that all of those characters have somehow helped to shape my perspective on life.

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What's Happening June 1 - 8, 2015

This coming Sunday June 7 at  10:30 am, our service will be Falling in Love with the World Again: Flower Communion Sunday presented by Rev. Diane Rollert with music by Sandra Hunt and Parts in Peace. This will be  a service to reflect on the power of beauty in our lives. Please bring a beautiful, fresh flower to share as part of our annual flower ceremony.

To kick off this busy week, Monday, June 1 at 7 pm, UCM, will hold its Annual General Meeting. On Wednesday, June 3 at 7:30 pm, the Concord Women's Chorus will be presenting " Women of the Americas". Join us Friday, June 5 at 6pm a potluck dinner and Birthday cake for Caroline Balderston Parry, our RE Director who will be retiring this month.

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Concord Women's Chorus Performs "Women of the Americas"

Wednesday, June 3 at 7:30 pm
The Concord Women's Chorus, of Concord, Mass., will perform "Women of the Americas",
a concert  highlighting dramatic music composed by women from Canada, the U.S.A.., Venezuela and Puerto Rico specifically for women's voices. The choir will perform twice in Montreal: at the UCM on June 3,  and at Christ Church Cathedral on Thursday, June 4 at 7:30 pm.where they will be joined by the Montreal- based chorus, Modulation, a benefit  for Chez Doris, a non-profit organization that offers educational and recreational activities, social services and professional services for women in need.  Suggested donation: $20 per ticket. Students and children attend for free.

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UCM Annual General Meeting - Monday, June 1, 2015

The UCM Annual General Meeting will be held on Monday June 1, 2015  at 7 pm at which time the candidates for the Board of Management will be elected. Please find below the slate of candidates.  The positions of secretary and vice-president are still open. 
President: Stanislaus Mackiewicz
Vice-President: Open
Treasurer: Hélène Boucher
Secretary: Open
Past President: John Inder
Moderator: Shoshanna Green
Member-at-Large:Harvey Shepherd
Member-at-Large:Sophie Beaudoin-Dion
Stewardship coordinator: Prue Rains
If you require additional information please contact Petrina Lee Poy, membership coordinator:

What's Happening May 25 - 31, 2015

Join us Sunday, May 31 at  10:30 am for Characters with Character presented by Rev. Diane Rollert with music by Sandra Hunt with Marie-France Boisvert. Do you have a favourite character from a novel? Has that character had an effect on your own character? Whether it's a positive role model or someone you'd never want to be, send a note to Rev. Diane with your thoughts.

Our usual weekly events including the Nursery Play Group, Carmina Choir and the Parts in Peace Choir will meet at their regular times. In addition, The Yellow Door Choir will present True Colours on Friday and Saturday May 29 and 30th at 7:30 pm. Special pricing is available for UCM members for pre-purchased tickets.

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What's Happening May 18 - 24, 2015

Sunday, March 24 at 10:30 am, the service will be The Long Haul People: Celebrating Our Volunteers presented by Rev. Diane Rollert with music by Sandra Hunt. Following the service, SECC will sponsor a fundraising lunch. At 12:15 pm, Rev. Rollert will lead A Taste of Exploration - Exploring a Life of Character. There will also be a concert: An Afternoon of Trombone and Piano Music with Matthew Russell, trombone, and pianist, Sandra Hunt. To wrap up the day, the UCM Drumming Circle will meet between 4 and 6 pm.

The Midday Meal with Music will be held this Wednesday, May 20, at 12:30 pm. The April Letter-Writing sponsored by the Marie-Berthe Dion Issues Action Group will take place at 10:30 am before the Midday Meal.

The UCM office will be closed Monday, May 18.

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It's Not Your Mother Who Made You Wierd: You Just Are (Audio & Video Available)

Sermon by Rev. Diane Rollert with Krin Haglund, 10 May 2015

When I first started thinking about this month’s theme of character, I thought of how parents are charged with the responsibility of forming the character of their children. I guess I would describe character as the moral and mental quality of who we are.  It is who we choose to be and how we choose to live our lives, but it’s also how we’ve been shaped by the experiences of our lives from the very beginning.  It is the moral code we choose to live by.  Those who parent us, -- mothers, fathers, grandparents or other guardians -- are given this overwhelming task to teach us right from wrong and to help us fully develop into the person we were meant to be. 

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What's Happening May 11 - 17, 2015

There will be a Service Commemorating the International Day Against Homophobia led by
Kirstin McKeown with music by Louise Halperin at 10:30 am on Sunday, May 17. Please join us!

During the week, Rev. Rollert will facilitate Seeking the Sacred in Stories on Tuesday, May 12 at noon. The Book Discussion Group will be meeting Wednesday, May 13 at at 7 pm.

Thursday May 14 at 6:30 pm, everyone is invited for the ordination of Nicoline Guerrier. This will be our first ordination, a festive event with invited speakers, compelling music, refreshments and pride in the accomplishments of our good friend. We are all invited to celebrate the occasion, after which we can officially call her The Reverend Guerrier! 

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What's Happening May 4 - 10, 2015

Sunday's service on May 10 at 10:30 am will be It’s Not Your Mother Who Made You Weird:  You Just Are led by Rev. Diane Rollert with Krin Haglund and music by Sandra Hunt with Geneviève Demers, soprano. Krin Haglund began her career as an acrobatic clown. She joins Rev. Rollert in an offering of verbal and physical reflections on the challenges of character and motherhood.

The Lesbian Social Discussion group meets this Friday, May 8 at 7 pm. Trevor Juhl will give a presentation on his recent trip to Philippines with a dinner before  on Saturday, May 9 at 7 pm. The Social and Environmental Concerns Committee has a meeting scheduled for Sunday, May 10 at 12:15 pm.

For more information about these and other events, continue reading below.

The Church office will be closed from 2 pm Thursday, April 30, until 10 am Tuesday, May 5.  If you need a reply urgently, please leave a message at: 514-485-9933.

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What's Happening April 27 - May 3, 2015

Join us Sunday, May 3, 10:30 am for the Célébration de la lumière/ Celebration of Light - Programme bilingue/Bilingual service presented by Rev. Diane Rollert, Pascale Frémond with interfaith guests and choirs. Before we embark on May’s theme of “Character,”  we welcome an interfaith gathering to celebrate UNESCO’s declaration of 2015 as the international year of light.  This service is hosted by Religions pour la paix and the Unitarian Church of Montreal as the culmination of the conference, Light within Religious and Spiritual Traditions (Le Congrès sur la Lumière dans les traditions religieuses et spirituelles), May 1-3, 2015.

Please bring non-perishable food items to share with the NDG Food Depot. Half of the unidentified cash in this month's collection baskets will be donated to the Generations Foundation which provides nutritious breakfasts, hot lunches, and a snack daily to over 7,700 schoolchildren in 96 schools and learning centres.

In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly events, there will be a Pathway to Membership meeting at 6 pm of Friday, May 1. There will be a light dinner and childcare will be provided. Saturday, May 2 from 11 am until 2 pm, UCM will host Empty Bowls: Fundraiser to Fight Hunger.

For more information about these and other events, continue reading below.

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