Themes of Our Lives

Exploring the Themes of Our Lives - Exploration des thématiques

Welcome back to theme-based ministry at the Unitarian Church of Montreal. 2017-18 will be our fourth year exploring monthly themes as we consider what it means to live our Unitarian Universalist values. We hope this year’s themes will prove to be both inspiring and challenging:

September / septembre                  Letting Go / Lâcher prise
October / octobre                           Connection/La connexion
November / novembre                     Humility / L’humilité
December / décembre                     Expectations / Les attentes
January / janvier                              Growth / La croissance
February / février                             Interdependence / L’interdépendance-Canada wide
March / mars                                    Creativity / La créativité
April / avril                                       Curiosity / La curiosité
May / mai                                          Blessing / Le bienfait
June / juin                                         Simplicity / La simplicité

March/march 2018 - Creativity / La créativité

 “Brushes” by Skitterphoto, public domain,

“Brushes” by Skitterphoto, public domain,

A Month of Creativity

The words creativity and creation bring so many images to mind. The beginning of our universe (be that the Garden of Eden, a sea turtle’s back or the Big Bang); a blank canvas with paintbrush and palette waiting. Maybe they conjure images of a blank document staring at you from a computer screen, or a potter’s wheel and a bucket of slip. Perhaps they bring forth the image of an empty stage to dance, sing or act upon. For me, creation brings forth balls of wool and knitting needles or an empty garden plot waiting to be planted.

We will be examining many of these images of creation this month. When do we allow ourselves to create, and when do we hold our creativity at bay? These questions suggest that this month is not just about imagination, artistry and self-expression, but also about bravery. It takes courage to offer a unique expression. It takes courage to try new things and risk failing. Heaven knows it takes courage to create and plant seeds of that which won’t be finished in your lifetime. Creativity asks us to leave the familiar, to break with the pack, to risk being singled out. There is joy, beauty and play in creation, but there is also insecurity, isolation and the sheer exhaustion of trying again and again until you finally stumble on that one and lucky moment of getting it right.

But what about that side of creation that we don’t understand? The side that is responsible for the creation of the universe, the stars in our night sky, the planet Earth? How do we explore this concept of creation, when there are so many things that science cannot yet explain? How are we to understand our own potential for creation, if we still don’t know about the creation of our world? Can we ever really understand our own creative urges or abilities, when so much is still a mystery to us?

So, this month, let’s honor the bravery that allows the creative instinct to come alive. But let’s also dive deep into that place where creation is a mystery—not to understand it, necessarily, but rather to revel in the mystery. And, yes, OK, let’s go ahead and indulge a little in the sheer joy and sacred fun of dreaming things up!

Danielle Webber

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