UCM's Unsung Heroes

Who are the Unsung Heroes of the Unitarian Church of Montreal?

This award goes to a member or long-time friend of the Church who has a history of being helpful to others, both in and out of the Congregation, and who is not already recognized for such activities by most of the Congregation. The Nominating Committee is responsible for the nomination of the “Unsung Hero” and this is subsequently approved by the Board of Management.

The award is usually presented at the church’s Annual General Meeting on the first Monday of June (though not necessarily every year). A friend or colleague of the Unsung Hero presents the award, which is always a surprise, on behalf of the Congregation. 


2016 - Juan Vera
2015 - Elizabeth Anglin
2014 - Alison Hall
2013 - Maychai Brown
2012 - Sylvia Heuckendorff
2011 - Pierre Godin
2010 - Frank Greene
2009 - Geneviève Delmas-Patterson
2008 - Barbara Jackson
2007 - Diane Kleins
2006 - Patricia Philip
2005 - Carol Greene
2004 - Bob Bassett
2003 - Dorothy Clarke
2002 - Mary Bassett, Nancy Eddis, NancyLorimer
2001 - Rita Bourdon
2000 - David and Sally Jones
1999 - Ruth di Giovanni, Tessie Tomasek
1998 - Hannelore Poncelot
1997 - Joan Watt
1996 - Donald Patterson